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About the Q

The Q-Grader pro­gram was originally designed to give a com­mon lan­guage to coffee professionals around the world. The Q Certification's true pur­pose is to enhance global communication about coffee qual­ity and flavor profiles--from a coffee producer in Ethiopia, to an exporter in Brazil or a Green Coffee Buyer in Sydney we all speak the same coffee language. With this common vocabulary, we can more easily discuss any issues that arise, and work together to raise the over­all qual­ity throughout the coffee supply chain.

Each Q Grader Training & Exam Course must take place in an SCAA certified lab and be taught by a certified instruc­tor. To become certified, you must pass 22 tests. These tests include cupping, sensory evaluation, green coffee grading and more. Our Training and Exam Combo course prepares you for these exams by providing 3 days of lec­ture and practice tests before the formal exams begin. We want you to feel prepared and confident as you start the formal exams. Our courses combine 3 days of preparation, 2.5 days of testing and leave some time on the last day for make-up exams. 

If you have any questions about Gather Coffee Company or if you'd like to set up a Q Training & Exam at your lab, please feel free to contact us at . We're also available for private consulting. We'd love to hear from you!


Learn more about the Q Grader Program from these articles written by some of our past students.



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