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About Marlee

My interest in coffee first began while working as a barista in college, then only grew while doing qualitative research in coffee-centric Indonesia during graduate school. After graduating I lived in Istanbul, Turkey and fell further in love with the coffee culture there. Shortly after returning to the US, I began working at Equator Coffee, where I had my true introduction to specialty coffee. A couple of years later, I became a coffee consultant at Boot Coffee. There I had the privilege of working on numerous projects spanning the coffee industry. I spent my time marketing ultra high quality direct-trade coffees to roasters in the US while also teaching roasting courses to students from around the globe. I was also the Giesen Coffee Roasters representative in North America from 2010-2015. At Gather Coffee Company, I handle all of the marketing and design work, as well as roasting projects and private clients. I have worked with numerous coffee wholesalers and retailers to create unique coffee programs - from sourcing to roasting to brewing. If you have questions about getting started as a roaster or retailer, I'd love to chat! Feel free to contact me directly at